My hotspot has no data?

You’re in an area with no data coverage, relocate and try again or your device is overdue and the data service is suspended on the unit until it is renewed or returned to the library.

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1. How do I check out the hotspot device?
2. Who can check out the hotspot device?
3. How long can I keep a hotspot?
4. Where can I use the hotspot?
5. How do I return the hotspot device?
6. How do I renew it?
7. How much does it cost to borrow the hotspot device?
8. My hotspot prompted me to update the software. Should I do that?
9. My hotspot restarted itself. Is that okay?
10. My hotspot has no data?
11. What information about my Internet usage, if any, is tracked by the Library or the service provider?