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DNA Primer

10:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Learning Lab
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Part 2: 1-4:00 p.m.
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The instructor will explain the differences between DNA programs at Ancestry, 23 and Me and Family Tree.  Each program has its own system for identifying ancestors.  Examples will be shown and explained for how to gather information from your chosen DNA database.  Once you have purchased a DNA kit, what do you do with the results and how do you know it is accurate? Sign up for the afternoon class if you would like continued instruction on how to use DNA tools such as GED Match and Ancestry Thrulines successfully.  The afternoon class will also have a more in depth look of Family Tree DNA which will benefit all new DNA kit users. There is so much to learn about DNA, that this class is repeated on Wednesday.

The Census

10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
Learning Lab
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Learn how to use the State and Federal Census!

The census provides a wealth of information about your family, their neighbors, and their heritage. Mortality, agriculture and special state census will be discussed.  Do not overlook those “untold stories” which can be found in census records.  Birth, death, and marriage records as well as Revolutionary War Pensioners can be found in the census. The 1950 Census was released in April.  These are all available at the Teton County Library on Ancestry to all patrons.Bring your own computer or use one of the laptops available in the Learning Lab.  

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Staff Picks

  • Historic Map Works is an extensive digital map collection, with more than 400,000 high-resolution, full-color historic maps.
  • Proquest Historical Newspapers are historical newspapers that provide genealogists, researchers and scholars with online, easily-searchable first-hand accounts and unparalleled coverage of the politics, society and events of the time.
  • U.S. History in Context covers themes, events, individuals and periods in U.S. history from pre-Colonial times to the present.