ACT Test Prep & More

College Prep Services sunglass and capACT Test Prep Course

Thursdays, FEB 10-MAR 24
4:30-6:00 p.m.
Ordway Auditorium B

Class is facilitated by Michelle Sirois and is limited to 10 students. Registration is required.

Can't make the class? Here are some tips for the ACT Test:

1. Consistency is key! Set up a plan for studying and stick to it for six weeks. Studying for an hour or two each week over the course of two months will always beat cramming for a week.  

2. Know what you don't know. Timing is half the battle on the ACT, so if you have no idea on a problem, learn to be okay with guessing and moving on quickly.

3.  Love your calculator. There are no extra points for doing it the hard way. Avoid the careless mistakes and do any math you can on your graphing calculator.

4. Stick to the facts. Apply rules you know and find evidence from the passage in English and Reading. It is easy to project your own opinions or choose an answer that sounds good in a moment of panic. Avoid this by learning the rules you need to and finding support for your answers. 

5. It's just a test. A good score on the ACT can open doors for college scholarships and admissions, but how you perform on one test in high school means very little about your intellectual ability or future success. Prepare for the test, take it seriously, and perform to the best of your ability, but don't let a disappointing score rattle you. 

Make a Plan

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