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Set a goal to read for pleasure all year long! 

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What is 22 in 22?

We challenge you to rev up your reading life and add some variety to your reading list! 

  • Read and log 22 books between MON, JAN 3 and SAT, DEC 31, 2022.
  • Kids challenge is for grades K-12; Adult challenge is for ages 18 & up.
  • We've suggested fun reading activities to help you complete your 22 books.

Two ways to track  your progress:

1) Use the Beanstack app

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A virtual reading tracking system, Beanstack was initially launched at TCL for the 2021 Summer Reading Challenge. You can log categories you’ve completed on a computer or mobile device by visiting the Beanstack website or downloading the Beanstack app from your app store. If you’re already signed up for Beanstack with Teton County Library you can find the 22 in 22 Challenge under the ‘Challenges’ section of your account.

Logging with Beanstack is simple. Record the book title when you're finished under the Badges/Logging Badges tab. You don't have to track minutes read, pages read, progress.

For more information on using Beanstack, visit our Beanstack FAQs.

2) Use the 22 in 22 paper reading log
Reading logs may be picked up at the library or click here to download & print. If you are using a paper reading log and would like to be eligible for monthly raffle drawings, email the staff team at 22in22@tclib.org. Completed reading logs must be returned to staff at Teton County Library by December 31 to finish the challenge. Contact our staff team at 22in22@tclib.org with questions or concerns.

Completion & Rewards

  • When you've read and logged 22 books, congratulations, you've completed the challenge and will receive our 22 in 22 prize at the end of the year (Beanstack will automatically save your information; paper log users, please bring your completed log to the library or email it to 22in22@tclib.org).
  • If you want to take the reading challenge up a notch, complete our suggested activity badges (found under the badges tab in Beanstack, or on the back of the paper reading log) to be entered into our monthly raffle drawings.

Monthly Raffle Drawings

  • Beanstack participants are automatically entered into monthly raffle drawings. Paper reading log users, please email 22in22@tclib.org to let the team know you are tracking their reading and activities.

Special October Raffle for Adult Participants

  • Adults who are actively participating in our 22 in 22 Reading Challenge will be entered to win two tickets to our annual library benefit at the Four Seasons Resort (FRI, NOV 11)! If you have read and logged 10 or more books in the challenge by October 14 you will be part of the raffle. Plus, it's a weighted raffle, meaning the more books you have read, the better your odds of winning! 

Challenge FAQs:

  1. Can both fiction and non-fiction titles count towards the challenge?

Absolutely! Either fiction or non-fiction titles can be read for any activity unless the activity itself states otherwise.

  1. Does the subtitle of a book apply to activity parameters?


  1. Do audiobooks and graphic novels count in this challenge?

Absolutely! Both audiobooks and graphic novels are just another way to tell a story. As long as they are at the appropriate reading level for the participant, they are acceptable formats. 

  1. Do juvenile books count towards reading activities?

As 22 in 22 is based on the honor system, we hope that participants will honor the nature of the challenge with their reading selections and choose what's appropriate for their reading level. 

  1. I love podcasts; both fictional and non-fiction storytelling varieties. Can they count towards the 22 in 22 challenge? 

Unfortunately, podcasts cannot be counted towards the 22 in 22 challenge.

  1. If I sign up for the challenge later in the year, can books I’ve already read be applied to the challenge or can I only count books that are read after I’ve officially registered?

Books read between Monday, January 3 and Saturday, Dec. 31, 2022 can be counted towards the challenge, regardless of when you register. 

  1. Do I have to use the official 22 in 22 reading log or can I keep track on my own?

You may keep a reading log in any form you choose (spreadsheet, journal, typed list, etc.). 

  1. Can I read one book and apply it to multiple activities?

 Each title you read can only fulfill a single activity.

  1. If I read a book for the challenge that I’ve already read before, does it still count?

Absolutely! If you read through a book during the challenge, it can be used, regardless of how many times you’ve read it in the past. 

  1. How do I get a reading log or category list? You can pick one up at the library or click here to download.

11. How do I pick which challenge level to join if I’m 18, or will be turning 18 during the challenge year?

 Beanstack will automatically show you which challenge you are eligible to participate in when registering. If you are using a paper tracker, email us at 22in22@tclib.org to let us know which challenge you're participating in.

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