Curated reading lists

Lists curated by librarians to educate and entertain:

image of the book cover of The Only Plane in the Sky

9/11 20th Anniversary

image of book covers for Love Not Love reading list

22 in 22 challenge: Love Is In the Air

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22 in 22 challenge: Novels that take place during a historic event

Black History Month: Leaders, Innovators, Artists, Scholars & Heroes

image of the words fiction 5

Fiction 5

Five novels each month, handpicked by Jess, our fiction selector.

juneteenth book covers

Juneteenth titles

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Mental Health Awareness Month

image of the book "I May Not Get There With You"

MLK Every Day

image of book covers with the theme of democracy

Our Democracy

A list to help you make sense of what's going on in DC and around the country.

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Pandemic Escape Reading List

Easy-to-get-into books that cross all genres, compiled by the adult services team..

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Parenting Babies & Tots


Racism in America

image of book covers about raising teens


Library resources for parents of teenagers.

New YA releases

What YA Reading? 

Young Adult titles grouped by themes.