Mountain Story 2020

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Our annual story festival devoted to great writing and the great outdoors.

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Howie Garber: Photo Adventures on Four Continents

6:30-7:30 PM
Alta Branch Library - Community Room

Garber shares images and stories from adventures in exotic locations like Bhutan and South Georgia Island as well as the mountains of Peru, China, and North America.

image of Lynn Hill climbing Great Roof


Lynn Hill: Climbing Free

7:00 PM
Center for the Arts
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Lynn Hill shares her story as a pioneering woman in what was once a male-dominated sport of rock climbing. Her first free ascent of the Nose on Yosemite's El Capitan in 1993, is one of the most famous rock climbs in the world, which remained unrepeated for over a decade. Join Lynn on a journey through the evolution of climbing over the past 43 years and hear some of the stories that have helped shape and define her own life, as well as the sport of rock climbing.

image of Dina Mishev sitting on a bench in the mountains

Dina Mishev: Translating Travel onto the Page, and Pitching It

3-5:00 PM
Ordway Auditorium

There are not only a growing number of ways to tell travel stories, but also different genres of travel stories to tell. This writing workshop focuses on the qualities of three of the classics—service, feature, and narrative—and also on why and how journaling can be the best travel writing of all. Generative exercises will help you identify the stories within your travel adventures. For those interested in travel writing for magazines, the workshop ends with tips on pitching to magazines, and also an opportunity to pitch Jackson Hole-specific stories to Jackson Hole magazine, of which Mishev is the editor.

 image of sam schwartz skiing

Panel Discussion: Evolution of the Pro Skier

7-8:30 PM
Pink Garter Theatre
50 W. Broadway

How do the narratives around what it means to be a skier evolve? Who controls these narratives--the skier? the brands? the filmmakers? the fans? How do the stories and images shape skiing as a sport, expression, or platform for risk? This isn't a How-to-become-a-pro-skier tutorial, but a conversation about what happens when ideas and stories shift, what happens when people are turned into products, what’s the role of risk, and what's the true story behind the glam. Join pro skiers Lynsey Dyer, AJ Cargill, Sophia Schwartz, Sam Schwartz, and others. Moderated by Sam Pope of KGB Productions.

image of a car with people and kayaks on top

Corey Rich: Stories Behind the Images

7:00 PM
Ordway Auditorium

Corey Rich loves to tell stories. He’s a photographer and a director from South Lake Tahoe who has been documenting adventure sports for over three decades, during which time his work has helped define the genre of adventure photography in both the editorial and commercial spaces.In his new book, Stories Behind the Images, he gives insight into what it means to create a career doing something you love, and how success is all about building great, lasting relationships in business and in life.

image of a mountain backcountry skier

Haley Badenhop: Light Play

Ordway Gallery

Artist's statement: I love the way that no matter when you look at mountains, you always see something different. The light, the weather, the seasons--they all play a part in keeping the mystery alive about gazing at and playing in these giants. For this collection, I created photo-realistic mountains based off pictures taken by some of my favorite mountain photographers on Instagram, but changed up the colors to my liking! My favorite part of painting each of these was adding in the shadows. While painting, it simply looks like adding another color, but back up and the shadows make the mountain come alive. I hope this series of paintings inspires you to wake up early to see the sun rise over the mountains, stay up late to watch the shadows dance, or just get out and play in them!

Presenter Bios

image of Lynn Hill

Lynn Hill 

Rock climbing's living legend, Lynn changed the definition of what is possible in the sport with her first free ascent of The Nose on El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, California. Along with her many climbing accomplishments, she has contributed essays to several anthologies, as well as co-authored her own memoir Climbing Free: My Life in the Vertical World. She is currently working on a climbing technique video which includes elements of culture, history, and psychological perspectives. Living in Boulder, Colorado, Lynn balances her time between climbing, running, skiing, traveling, and raising her son Owen.

image of Howie Garber

Howie Garber 

Howie Garber is a widely published nature photographer who has won four awards from the BBC in their Wildlife Photographer of the Year Contest. His images have been exhibited in the Museum of Natural History in London, England and in the Smithsonian Museum. His first book, Utah’s Wasatch Range: Four Season Refuge, won a Ben Franklin Silver Medal from Independent book publishers. His second book, Adventures in Fine Art Photography, won Grand prize as the best Fine Art and Photography Book of 2015 from Blurb publishing. His clients have included Audubon, National Geographic, Nikon, Voile, and National Wildlife Magazine. He feels that the highest use of his imagery & books has been to support environmental causes.

image of Corey Rich

Corey Rich

Corey Rich has built a life and career around his passions for travel, adventure, and telling stories with his camera. With a background in rock climbing and photojournalism, Rich’s work spans a range of genres, from iconic still imagery for leading editorial publications, to television spots and films, to directing high-production-value commercial projects for Fortune 100 companies. Outside of shooting photographs and directing films, Rich spends a significant portion of his time teaching, speaking, and sharing knowledge with the next generation of storytellers. He lives with his wife, Marina, daughter, Leila, and dog, Preta, in South Lake Tahoe. To follow his work and adventures, you can find him at or on Instagram @coreyrichproductions.

image of Haley Badenhop

Haley Badenhop

Jackson Hole, Wyoming based muralist and illustrator, Haley Badenhop, is most known for combining inspiration from her travels + mountain adventures with her typography + line art style to create exciting, engaging artwork. After checking off visits to all 50 states and hitting new countries every chance she gets, her work is inspired by a variety of natural elements, street art, and a lot of sketching on planes. Her favorite projects involve collaborating with companies on pieces that motivate and excite people, and her current winter goal is to paint murals at more ski resorts! Follow along with her art and adventures @haleybhop

image of Dina Mishev rock climbing

Dina Mishev

Dina has been a freelance writer and editor for 21 years and the editor of Jackson Hole magazine since 2012. Her travel writing, personal essays, and reporting have appeared in The Washington Post, Sierra, National Geographic Traveler, Sunset, Outside, and Afar, among other publications. Her first-ever published story appeared in the Jackson Hole News. She has written four guidebooks about Jackson Hole and Wyoming.

Evolution of the Pro Skier panelists

image of skier AJ Cargill

AJ Cargill

As the World Tour Freeskiing Champion in 1997, the first female to telemark ski the Grand Teton, and having worked as Jackson Hole Ski Patrol, since 2002, AJ considers herself lucky to live her dreams. Through working many full-time jobs from bartender to cocktail waitress to sales representative, she has been able to maintain a simple life that prioritizes skiing and the mountain lifestyle over accumulating possessions.

image of skier Lynsey Dyer

Lynsey Dyer

A professional athlete, artist and environmentalist, Lynsey hosts television and podcast shows, produces films, and is the co-founder of, a nonprofit committed to increasing the participation of women and girls in the outdoors. She has won every big mountain competition she’s entered, has skied in 17 films from Warren Miller to TGR to Sherpas Cinema. She has been named athlete of the year several times by Powder Magazine and was the first female on the cover of Freeskier Magazine. She currently resides in Jackson, WY and uses her platform to advocate for wildlife, climate change reform and conservation.

image of skier Sam Pope

Sam Pope (moderator)

Originally from New England, Sam moved out West as quickly as possible and settled in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His video production company, KGB Productions, started small, when co-owner Chris Kitchen used an insurance payout from wrecking his car to buy a camera. Today, KGB has grown and is known for working in locations that many production companies avoid.

image of skier Sam Schwartz

Sam Schwartz

Raised underneath the Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming, being a skier is simply who Samuel is. He’s spent his 24 years in the mountains, and his passion has led to a career as a professional skier, rounded out by a career as a bartender and a sustainability solutions entrepreneur. He’s currently based here in his hometown.

image of skier Sophia Schwartz

Sophia Schwartz

A transient ski bum, Sophia has lived in many ski resorts, but has called Jackson home for a little over 2 years. She competed on the US Freestyle Mogul Ski Team until 2017. She won fun titles like US National Champion and less fun titles like Olympic 1st Alternate. Sophia always dreamed of transitioning to big mountain skiing after her mogul career and moved to Jackson in search of high peaks, big jumps, and helpful mentors. She is a type A nerd who loves to talk about biology as much as skiing.

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