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The Friends of the Library create "Welcome to the World" gift packages for new parents and babies. Packages include board book and helpful tips on the importance of reading to children at an early age for future success and parental bonding. Born to Read is funded by the Library Foundation.


Reading with Kids

Online Children’s Book Reviews
Stay current with the latest releases in children's literature. Teton County librarians encourage you to use our purchase suggestion form to help us order new books.

Reading Resources
These online resources are sure to help you broaden your child's literary experience.


Computers and Kids

Learn how to protect your kids online. The Internet can be a dangerous place for children, but armed with information and parental tools, you can protect your children from these Internet dangers. Surfing the Web Safely

Know the merits and concerns of gaming. Given the library’s mission to provide open and equal access to information, literature and ideas, we have developed this page to offer various viewpoints of gaming. Print resources, weblinks and video clips are included. We hope you will visit this page to learn more about gaming, as well as to find resources for how adults, parents and educators can provide guidance to children and youth in their lives in navigating gaming and technology.


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