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October 22, 2009

Teton County Library Board Meeting Continued
October 22, 2009

President Lisa Delaney called the TCL board meeting continued from October 15, 2009 to order.  Attending were board members Clark Heindl, Bill Wotkyns and Patricia Moeller.  Also present were Director Deb Adams, Assistant Director Isabel Zumel, and staff Dail Barbour.  Missy Falcey, Executive Director of the TCL Foundation and her assistant, Pauline Towers-Dykeman were at the meeting as well as the architectural team, Peggy Gilday and Dennis Humphries.  Guests: Caroline Heindl and Malaya Zumel.

Correspondence from the Public
Deb shared the letter from a patron questioning auditorium and conference room use policies.  She explained that those rooms are available to non-profits and that it is fairly common to have criteria for room use in libraries.  Other study rooms in the library are available without parameters except for length of time used.  The board asked Deb to do some research about charging for use of the auditorium.  What do other libraries charge and how have they handled it?

Approval of Minutes
Bill moved to approve the September minutes, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.

Section 215 Report
There have been no requests under Section 215 of the Patriot Act. 

Friends Report
The big news was the great success of the book sale this month.  The Friends estimate they distributed 125,000 books, 25% to non-profits, and raised $6500.00.  Thirty-six volunteers participated to make it happen.  Deb invited the board to attend the volunteer luncheon on November 10, 2009 at 12:30 PM at the library. 

Foundation Report
Missy and Pauline were delighted to inform the board that our Old Bill’s donations were record numbers.  The Friends also helped with booths at three events this year which was a great boost to the effort.  Missy said that the Foundation was taking a conservative posture with regard to any increases in spending for this year.  No significant increases are planned as it seems a good time for fiscal restraint.  Program spending is being spent at an appropriate level and the Foundation remains willing to take a look at staffing if necessary as well as staff development.  Pauline gave a short update about the Page to the Podium programs associated with the Four Season’s benefit this year. The author this fall is Barry Lopez.  The traditional free public author event will be on Thursday, December 3.  The Foundation will be making some changes to the Intimate Chat with the Author.  This year, the Grand Teton Park Foundation and the Nature Conservancy are sponsoring the event as an opportunity for community outreach for their organizations.  The Foundation felt it was a great opportunity for collaboration with this group.  The annual Library Benefit at the Four Seasons will be on December 4 this year.  The library board thanked the Foundation and the Friends for all their outstanding efforts.
Monthly Report-Questions & Answers
Deb explained that expenditures are still somewhat light and we are starting to receive our property tax revenue.  She also informed the board that billing for lost books has been very successful-we have received half of the anticipated revenue in the first quarter of the year.
Approve Vouchers
Bill moved to approve the vouchers as presented, Clark seconded, all voted in favor. 

Librarian’s Report
Staffing Updates
Action Items:  Discussion about Teen Program Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator Positions.  Deb shared that she and Lisa have been continuing discussions with the County Commission to get some clarity about hiring for the vacant positions.  There seems to be some concern that there is overlap in what community organizations are doing. Our job is to try to make it clear that we fill different niches.  Deb feels some urgency about the Teen Coordinator and the Friends are concerned about the Volunteer Coordinator position.  The management team has had some conversations about parceling out tasks. Deb told the board that this is a less than optimum solution and the board agreed.  They clearly stated their preference that the first choice is to advertise and fill these positions. They will continue their conversations with Commissioners.

Facilities Planning
Main Library Addition/Reconfiguration
Review Architect’s Contract
Action Items: Approve Architect’s Contract
Dail explained that the contract had been reviewed by her and Deb and Gordon Grey in the Teton County Engineer’s office.  Legal review was then done by Keith Gingery in the County Attorney’s office.  Both offices signed off on the contract as presented for approval today. Clark moved to approve the contract as presented with a total budget for design development of the Teton County Library addition and remodel of $367,960.00.  Patricia seconded, all voted in favor.  Dail requested approval of a 5% library contingency of $18,400.00 for potential training, travel, or other unanticipated opportunities which may arise in conjunction with this phase of the project.  She explained that we do not have to use it but it is good to have a complete budget for Phase 1.  Clark moved to approve the contingency of $18,400.00, Patricia seconded, all voted in favor.

The board had a short discussion of the timeline for public input and the design process.  All agreed that outreach to different sections of the community such as teens, seniors, and Latinos, is important in the information gathering process.  It was agreed to have a more schematic presentation at the public meeting in November to try to get a bigger attendance. Deb assured the board that the library Communications department is continuing to use a multi media approach to inform the community.

Alta Branch Library
Construction Update:  Moving Timeline
Review proposed Open Hours
Action Items:
1.  Approve Construction Vouchers
2.  Approve Closure for Move
3.  Approve Open Hours
Dail explained that construction was on schedule to open the Alta Branch library on December 1, 2009.  Deb asked the board to approve closing the bookmobile on November 16, 2009 to begin moving and reopen in the new library on Dec. 1, 2009. Bill moved to approve these dates, Patricia seconded, all voted in favor.  Deb also requested approval for the following hours of operation in the new library:  Tuesday-Thursday, 12-6 PM, Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM.  Bill moved to approve these hours of operation, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.  Dail requested approval of pay application # 7 from Shaw Construction in the amount of $120,493.41.  She explained that she and Dennis Humphries, the architect had reviewed the application on site during his last visit. Bill moved to approve the pay application for the above amount, Clark seconded, all voted in favor.

The architects, Peggy Gilday and Dennis Humphries gave a short update of their activities with staff during the past week.  They felt the conversations with each department were very helpful and added a valuable dimension to the written comment. It will be very good information to reference throughout the project.  Linda Miller, a technology consultant and librarian also sat in on the department discussions and spent some extra time with the IT staff.  All agreed that there should be an emphasis on cost efficiencies and building flexibility into the future.  Green building practices and security for staff and patrons were also important considerations in planning the building. Peggy and Dennis thanked the board for the opportunity to improve and enhance the library.

Clark moved to adjourn and the meeting ended at 5:30PM.

Dail Barbour
Administrative Assistant to the Library Board