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  • Photo courtesy Valerie Schramm.
  • With seven books about Jackson Hole history under her belt, the impetus for Doris Platts’ most recent work, Tales of the Fall Creek Road (2012), literally knocked on her front door. The great-granddaughter of John Henry Winslow stopped by Platts’ cabin, located near Elliott Cemetery outside Wilson, to ask where the Winslow brothers' grave might be located.
  • Platts couldn’t remember, but she recalled an article from the Jackson Hole Courier’s edition from July 10, 1919 that read Winslow Brothers Murdered. The brothers’ remains were found in a cabin burned to the ground at their ranch in Red Top Meadows. As Platts writes in her latest book introduction, “After re-reading the account, I found myself unable to leave the matter aside. More and more questions kept arising.”
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