Book Donations

Thank you 

...for thinking of the library when it comes to donating your books and media in good to excellent condition. 

Your donations provide us with many books for the library’s collection. A Library staff person carefully examines all donated items and selects those that fill gaps in our collection. Any books that we choose to add to the collections must also meet our regular selections criteria as outlined in our Materials Selection Policy

Any items the library can't use get passed along to the Teton County Library Friends. The Friends sort through these items and may add them to the Friends Book Nook in the library lobby or share them with other local and regional organizations. 

The Friends try to get as many books as possible into as many hands as possible for as little money as possible. 

 We ACCEPT (in good to excellent condition): 

· Current and former bestsellers, both fiction and nonfiction
· Hardback and softcover classic literature
· Fiction paperbacks
· Children's titles
· Historical materials related to Wyoming and Jackson Hole
· CD books
· DVDs
· Popular Music CDs
· Vinyl record albums 


· VHS tapes, cassette tapes, or homemade CDs and DVDs
· Items in poor condition with yellow or torn pages, broken bindings, highlighted text, water damaged or mildewed
· Outdated textbooks
· Magazines, including National Geographic
· Reader's Digest condensed books
· Out-of-date nonfiction, especially travel guides or technology
· Encyclopedias
· Electronics of any kind
· Plastic bins or crates (please bring your donated items in cardboard boxes or bags) 

What to do with this stuff? Teton County Recycling accepts magazines, tapes, DVDs and CDs, electronics, and books not meeting the Nook’s criteria. More information on what they accept may be found HERE.