Nature Nights

image of waterfall in yellowstone national park

Tuesday night is nature night!

All are welcome for these informal & informative presentations by Geologists of Jackson Hole, JH Bird & Nature Club, and Wyoming Native Plant Society. Meetings take place in the Ordway Auditorium, with some Zoom options.

Geologists of Jackson Hole

Nice Chert! Extensive preservation of glass meadows in the Phosphoria Sea

TUE, DEC 6,6:00 p.m.
Ordway Auditorium or Via Zoom (online)
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Presented by Dr. Leif TapanilaIdaho State University: The Phosphoria Sea was centered in Idaho during the Permian time period, 280 million years ago, and its seafloor rocks extend today from Nevada north through Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Recent studies mapping environments and fossils show that the Phosphoria Sea supported a diverse marine ecosystem including the top predator on the planet, the buzzsaw shark Helicoprion. The Phosphoria Formation is perhaps best known for its rich deposits of phosphate ore that have been mined for over a century in eastern Idaho. However, this formation contains abundant chert deposits that alternate with carbonate and phosphate units. In places, the chert comprises the bulk the Phosphoria Formation. Where are all these cherts coming from?  Early researchers recognized sponge spicules in thin section, suggesting a sponge origin of the silica. But only recently has the source of chert been found in place... and it's spectacular. 

JH Bird & Nature Club

Winter Bird Identifications & Christmas Bird Count Prep

TUE, DEC 13, 6:00 p.m.
Meeting is online via Zoom only
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Christmas Bird Count is Saturday, December 17 and we need volunteers. Join the flock!"Is that a Black-capped or a Mountain Chickadee?"  Winter Bird IdentificationDucks at 10º below?  Chickadees in a whiteout?  Crows vs. Ravens in the ice fog?  Cassin's or House Finches fighting over the feeders?  No problem! Susan & Bernie team up to teach the basics of identifying our winter birds and outline preparations for this year's Christmas Bird Count.

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Teton Plant Society

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