Nature Nights

image of waterfall in yellowstone national park

Tuesday night is nature night!

All are welcome for these informal & informative presentations by Geologists of Jackson Hole, JH Bird & Nature Club, and Wyoming Native Plant Society. Meetings take place in the Ordway Auditorium, with some Zoom options.

Geologists of Jackson Hole

A river out of time: the Colorado River 150 years after John Wesley Powell

TUE, APR 4,6:00 p.m.
Ordway Auditorium or Via Zoom (online)
Meeting ID: 455 565 1818
Passcode: 576063

Presented by Dr. Thomas Minckley, University of Wyoming. In 2019, Minkley led the Sesquicentennial Colorado River Exploring Expedition, in part commemorating John Wesley Powell’s journey 150 years previous. The 2019 expedition explored themes of western water over the last century and how we move into the future. He also served as co-editor of 2020's “Vision and Place: John Wesley Powell and Reimagining the Colorado River Basin”. Join us to watch the documentary film produced by the expedition, followed by commentsand a Q & A session.

Trials and tribulations of high altitude Pb-Zn mining in Nepal--a case study at Ganesh Himal

TUE, MAY 2, 6:00 p.m.
Ordway Auditorium or online via Zoom
Meeting ID: 455 565 1818
Passcode: 576063 

Presented by Dr. Liz King, Western Wyoming Community College. Ganesh Himal is in north central Nepal in the higher Himalaya near the border with Tibet. In 1992, during a semester abroad as an undergraduate Geology student, the author was fortunate to be able to visit the Ganesh Himal mine for an independent study project. The mine entrance is located at 4,115 meters (13,500 feet). At the time, the Ganesh Himal Mining Company was working to acquire United Nations Development Project funding needed to fully develop the deposit. Geography, geology, politics, and economics all make the development of this deposit extremely challenging. This study explores the feasibility of the deposit, the potential environmental impacts of mining in the higher Himalaya, and the balancing act of natural resource development and environmental preservation in developing countries. This presentation will cover the geology of the deposit and recount the adventures of a young geologist in the mountains of Nepal.

JH Bird & Nature Club

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Teton Plant Society

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