Cabin Fever Story Slam All-Stars

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TUES, MAY 7, 7:00 p.m.
Pink Garter Theatre

Theme: Surprise

Join us as past story slam champions and runners up tell their best stories in which surprise plays a role.

Meet the All-Stars

images of Elizabeth Koutrelakos, Mac Dukart, and Brandy Borts

Elizabeth Koutrelakos
Winning story slam theme: Solo
I'm inspired by: the resiliency and sense of wonder I see in children.
Favorite storyteller: Norman Maclean.
Luxury I cannot live without: hand sanitizer.
Fun fact: I once spent two weeks hand-chiseling drill marks out of a boulder in the Tetons so hikers could maintain their "wilderness experience."

Mac Dukart
Winning story slam themes: Karma; Bad Idea, Close Call
I'm inspired by: honest, vulnerable, original people who are able to make us really feel something through telling their stories.
Favorite storyteller: so many - Tom Waits this month; David James Duncan last month.
Luxury I cannot live without: pistachio ice cream!
Fun fact:  I own a custom, handmade, ass-less, full body chimp suit that I can't seem to find enough occasions to wear; and it still fits after 20 years!

Brandy Michelle Borts
Winning story slam theme: Help
I'm inspired by: travel. Nothing evokes more emotion than meeting new people and joining other cultures.
Favorite storyteller: my brother. We laugh all the time about the ridiculous upbringing we had.
Luxury I cannot live without: my truck. It allows me to get away from it all. Road trips. Wilderness backroads. Singing at the top of my lungs with no one listening. It’s also a great camper.
Fun fact: The first time I got on an airplane, I jumped out. (With a parachute!)

images of Todd Kosharek, Pete Eliot, and Jenna Mahaffie

Todd Kosharek
Winning story slam theme: Bad Idea and Outsiders (in the 2017 All-Stars).
I'm inspired by: how we experience, remember, reflect on and make of time.
Favorite storyteller: Mike Birbiglia.
Luxury I cannot live without: art history books - I have a collection of over 300.
Fun fact:  I wrote a novel - worked on it for seven years - just to see if I could do it.

Pete Elliot
Winning story slam theme: Control.
I'm inspired by: the Buffalo Bills 2018-2019 “House of the rising sun” pump up video.
Favorite storyteller: Jim Ross.
Luxury I cannot live without:  in the summer, my fishing rod; and in the winter, my snowshoes.
Fun fact: I was responsible, sort of, for losing the library’s copy of the 1989 CD by Taylor Swift.*

Jenna Mahaffie
Winning story slam theme: Messy, The Last Time (I think….) Control.
I'm inspired by: airports. Everyone’s got a different story.
Favorite storyteller: my dad.
Luxury I cannot live without: Lactaid.
Fun fact:  I went to circus camp for four years.

images of Ryan Nourai, Chris O’Blenness, and Anne Marie Wells

Ryan Nourai
Winning story slam theme: 2nd Place for Obstacle (listen to Ryan's story below).
I'm inspired by: true stories of mettle and achievement, especially those where folks have a complete turnaround in their life or are moved by something that pulls them out of the pits. On a day to day basis, when that type of tear-jerker isn’t hitting home, I’m moved by rock n’ roll and the heroes and villains of sci-fi. The two together take me to another world, allows me to take on my own when I return - ha.
Favorite storyteller: Stephen King is the first author that comes to mind. Remember, horror is where the good guy dies, fantasy and science fiction are where you can see good and it gets stronger and stronger. To me, he is more of the latter. I can also listen to Terry Tempest Williams talk all day.
Luxury I cannot live without: Really great speakers.
Fun fact: I’m terrified of lizards and I have a birthmark on my eye that makes it look as though I’m always getting into fights - ha!

Chris O'Blenness
Winning story slam theme: Fear.
I'm inspired by:  true expression.
Favorite storyteller: Mark Twain.
Luxury I cannot live without: Spotify.
Fun fact: I used to be a shepherd.

Anne Marie Wells
Winning story slam theme: The Last Time, Solo, Power, and Choices, and 2nd for Close calls.
I'm inspired by: awkward situations, silliness, absurdism, stranger-than-fiction realities.
Favorite storyteller: Jeff Moran - I'm not trying to suck up! He always has really great stories to fit the theme. I don't know how he comes up with a story every single month and then pulls off such excellent, succinct storytelling every time. He's a storytelling wizard.
Luxury I cannot live without: Fancy cheese - the smellier, the better.
Fun fact: In November 2017, I attended the free storytelling workshop led by Margo Leitman that the library sponsored. Now here I am, a year and a half later, performing in the All-Star Slam! WHAT?!

images of Jose Rivas and Jeff Moran and the story slam logo

Jose Rivas
Winning story slam theme: Obstacle.
I'm inspired by: the smiles of my student's faces, their families, and agents of change!.
Favorite storyteller: my mother, I enjoy listing to oral traditional family stories that are shared at the dinner table from Mexico.
Luxury I cannot live without: video calls, I live away from family and being able to connect with them always brings joy to my life.
Fun fact: I can make a variety of salsas.

Jeff Moran, Story Slam Emcee
Winning story slam theme: None, but I've also never competed.
I'm inspired by: every person who has the guts to get on the Cabin Fever stage and tell a story.
Favorite storyteller: my mom and Jake Phelps.
Luxury I cannot live without: The "White Whale," my 4x4 Camper Van.
Fun fact: I have two gold teeth with my initials in them.

Listen to Ryan and Jose's Obstacle stories:

*All is forgiven, Pete! Thanks for fessing up about the T. Swift CD.

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